For more than 30 years we have endeavored to keep our price the same, but we are no longer able to operate at that rate. As with everything, our utilities, tools, labor, all infrastructure, have gone up in price, so we have no choice but to raise our tuition in order to make ends meet.  The new rate, effective as of opening the 2022 Symposium Registrations, is $1250. We are still offering the $50 Early Bird discount through 12/15. The Extended Plan continues to be $250 for 8 days of 3 meals/day.

That being said, registration for Marble/marble 33 is officially open! We have a new, improved, registration system that will allow you to enroll more than one person at a time while still choosing to pay with credit cards or PayPal. PayPal offers a 6-month interest-free payment program, or we are glad to make arrangements for anyone who needs help, just email us.

Take advantage of the $50 Earlybird discount through December 15, 2021, by entering the promo code EARLYBIRD.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to welcoming you to MARBLE/marble 33 next year!