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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Marble, Colorado?

Marble is located in the Rocky Mountains, 220 miles (4 hours) west of Denver, between Aspen and Glenwood Springs, 28 miles south of Carbondale off State Highway 133. The towns of Aspen and Eagle have the nearest regional airports. People also fly into Denver International Airport and rent a vehicle or take a shuttle from DIA to Carbondale.

Can I come to Marble/marble even if I have no experience carving?

Yes. This symposium is for anyone interested in carving stone sculptures and learning the most state-of-the-art technology. We welcome participants who have never carved to professional sculptors who just enjoy being here and want to refine their skills.

Do I need to bring my own power tools?

No. We provide all the power tools you need. If you have tools that you want to bring, you can bring them.

Are there vendors who will sell supplies?

There are on-site vendors who sell tools, blades, bases, abrasives, and more.

Can I order a larger stone?

Sorry, no. We are no longer offering custom cuts.

What type of air tool couplers do you use?

We use C-Type couplers. If you bring your own tools, we will be happy to provide an adaptor, or you can bring your own, they are readily available at hardware stores and Home Depot or Lowes.

Do I need to bring my own air line?

No. We provide air lines.

Are there enough air and electricity hook-ups?

Yes. We have several air supply manifolds and many ground-fault-interrupter circuits – enough for everyone to carve with air or electric tools.

Can I camp in my RV on the Marble grounds?

No. We do not have space for RVs. You can camp in your RV at Bogan Flats Campground (see Where to Stay )– a short drive from MARBLE/marble or at the Marble Campground in town which is only 5 minutes away. You may camp in a tent or in the back of a pick-up on the symposium site, but we don’t provide electricity or running water to campers or campsites.

Are there inns, lodges, or cabins in the area?

Yes! There are many places to lodge or camp nearby. Please visit our Where to Stay page.

Is there running potable water on-site?

Yes. There is running potable water on-site, but not at campsites. We also provide coolers of fresh drinking water throughout the grounds.

Are there bears in the area?

Yes, there is the occasional black bear. They are looking for food, so if you plan to camp you should not keep food in your tent or campsite.

What about meals?

Participants and their families or guests can participate in the “Extended Plan”. Cooking is not permitted at campsites on the symposium grounds.

If you are staying at an inn or lodge they may provide breakfast and lunch, so you should check ahead of time. The closest supermarket (and bank/ATM) is in Carbondale – a 40-minute drive from Marble/marble. Only one restaurant (BBQ) serves lunch and dinner in Marble, or you can go into Redstone or Carbondale for other choices, about 15 minutes drive. You can purchase individual meals for yourself and/or guests through our chef, or buy a meal plan for a single day. 

How about cash? Do all places accept credit cards?

Bring cash or checks for some of your needs — not all businesses in Marble accept credit cards. Ask your innkeeper ahead of time.

Do you provide artigiani services?

No, we will not carve your sculpture for you. While we provide as much or as little instruction as each individual needs, we prefer you think of this experience as an opportunity for you to do your own carving. We will talk you through challenging parts of your sculpture and demonstrate the “how-tos” to get you through the process. This is a place for you to do the work and feel good about it.

How about the weather?

The expression commonly heard here is “You can expect to experience all four seasons in one day when you’re up in the mountains”. Believe it: so come prepared with layers of clothing – sweatshirts – light jacket – rain-gear – shorts – jeans – hat – sunscreen, etc.

How about medical assistance or first-aid?

We have first-aid readily available and the volunteer fire department is always available for immediate para-medic care.

Can I bring a spouse or friend?

Friends and family are welcome to join us for meals ($40/day or $25/dinner) and special occasions (free on Party Night and July 4th) but only registered participants are permitted to use tools and attend workshops.

What if I have to cancel?

We understand that things happen and plans change. If you need to cancel we will give a full refund, if your spot can be filled, with a $200 cancelation fee. Please let us know as soon as possible so we have time to invite someone from the waiting list.