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Marble, Colorado Marble is a small town near Aspen, Colorado. The site of the Symposium is in the old Yule Quarry finishing mill, which was the world’s largest. Remnants of the blocks used for The Tomb of the Unkown Soldier, the Lincoln Memorial and other monuments throughout the world are scattered throughout the Symposium grounds.

Marble Crystal River Chamber of Commerce The Crystal River Valley is among the top tourism attractions in the State of Colorado, located on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains, just a few miles south from the I-70 Hwy 82 exit at Glenwood Springs. This picturesque valley extends along Hwy 133, part of the West Elk Loop Scenic Byway, from Carbondale to Redstone, then County Road 3 to Marble and Crystal City.


2sculpt Myles Schachter,, P.O. Box 3777, Lawrence, KS 66046, (785) 838-3885, Myles carries stone and tools including Cuturi in-line hammers and chisels. He is also the stone supplier who brings an impressive selection of tools and abrasives along with exotic stones to M/m annually. 2Sculpt offers two intensive 3-day carving workshops each year in Lawrence, Kansas. See the website for more information.

A Cut Above 16512 Arminta Street, Van Nuys, CA 91406 – 1-800-444-2999 and 1-818-988-1831. Ask for Danny or Gary. They carry the Standard Abrasives sanding discs that we use on the little 3” grinders (with rubber backing pads). Laura Wambsgans refers to them as “abrasives blood hounds”.

A Sculptor’s Edge email: Steve Barnes  720-979-3090 ; Pneumatic tools such as the red ARO die grinders that we passed around in Marble, and other top of the line tools including Ingersoll-Rand. Steve also makes the whips we use on our in-line tools, so if you’re setting up a studio, he’s the man to make up your whips. He carries many tools and accessories and is one of the vendors at the Symposium.

Airgas Safety :  Mark Carmany is our contact 4810 Vasquez Blvd., Denver, CO 80216-3008. 1-800-888-0667, 303-321-5440. They carry the 3M masks and any other safety products you can imagine.

Braxton & Bragg Corporation PO Box 5407, Knoxville, TN 37928, 1-800-575-4401; FAX 1-800-915-5501. Absolutely anything for stone work, including silicon carbide cup wheels, various grinders, diamond polishing discs, center water feed attachments). Once you order something from them, you’ll be on their mailing list and will receive their “Slippery Rock” newspaper which comes out monthly. Look for their sales.

Diamond Products, Inc. 133 Prospect Street, Elyria, OH 44035 Diamond blades and core bits.

GranQuartz Trading, Inc. PO Box 33569, 788 Scottsdale Rd., Decatur, GA 30033, 1-800-458-6222 – everything you can possibly need for carving, including many diamond products (such as diamond burrs for die-grinders).

Granite City Tool  Box 368, St. Cloud, MN 56301, 1-800-328-7094. Plugs & feathers and other items, including diamond blades.

Harbor Freight Tools  1-800-444-3353 or 805-388-2000 – all kinds of air tools and lifting and moving devices. Ask for catalogue. Incredibly inexpensive for air tools, but be careful when buying “cheap”.

Intermountain Sales of Denver, Inc.  3792 Lipan Street, Englewood, CO 80110, 303-762-1070, FAX 303-762-0996. They carry Stanley Hydraulics products (diamond chain saw and other tools).

McMaster/Carr Petro’s favorite supplier of just about everything you can need for your studio. Phone: 630-600-3600, fax: 630-834-9427. E-mail:

Northern Hydraulics, Inc. : 612-894-8310: 7” right angle and die grinders (air) that we use in Marble, and other power tools. Ask for catalogue.

Trow & Holden  1-800-451-4349; or e-mail Randy: randy@trow& In-line air hammers, chisels and many other products. They have the 9”, 7” and 5” flush mount electroplated diamond wheels. Randy or Norm are really familiar with our needs and will be happy to talk to you and be sure you are buying the right product. Their starter kit is a worthwhile investment.

Rocket Supply (fka Hard Rock Tools) : Mike, Ron and Roxie are our contacts. 940 S. Jason Street, Denver, CO 80223, 303-744-7004. They are really anxious to carry everything we might need, so you want to build a relationship with this good supplier.

United Supply  555 S. Jason, Denver, CO 80223 1-800-663-0182, 303-778-8041. Ask for Mike, Micky or Marty. They carry Bosch, Milwaukee and Metabo grinders and diamond products as per our needs. They also find the silicon carbide cutting and grinding wheels we use (Pferd). They are a building supply place that Madeline has dealt with for many years and they give us the best possible price on all our purchases.