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What to Bring


We have 3M dust masks, pink filters, and a variety of safety glasses (not suited for going over prescription glasses) for sale. We offer free earplugs.

  • Full or partial face mask for dust – 3M, Norton, Surviveaire, Wilson, Dustflo.
  • Goggles or safety glasses – a must! Style – your preference.
  • Ear protection – either earplugs or over-ear headphone style.
  • Gloves – work gloves or gardening gloves with rubber palms work nicely.
  • Bandana, scarf, ball cap, or welders cap, to cover your head under your safety gear.


  • Hand tools. We suggest you invest in a hammer (1-1/2Ib.); point, flat and pitching chisels; files and rasps (your choice). Available for purchase through 2-Sculpt, on-site or online.
  • Speed square and level if you have them.
  • Any power or pneumatic tools you enjoy using. Note: We use “C” type couplers.
  • Enclosed toolboxes or storage bins to protect tools and gear from rain, dust, and wildlife!
  • Large crayons in dark colors to draw on your stone.
  • Pencil and pad to take notes.
  • Wisk broom or big brush to clean off your sculpture as you work.
  • Ideas for your sculpture. We suggest you make a maquette (model). If you prefer direct carving, bring some clay so you can model ideas as you carve.


  • A portable table to hold tools, etc. at your worksite
  • Chair or stool. Adjustable height is always a plus.
  • A 10-or 12-gauge extension cord to run a 15 amp tool. Don’t be fooled—16 gauge is not more powerful! The source of electricity is far from most worksites, so be sure it can reach at least 50 to 100 ft. If you don’t have one, we will supply it. A splitter, or pigtail is also good to have along with a power strip to run a fan and light.
  • A pop-up type tent, 10’x10′, for shelter at your carving site. If you don’t have one, we will provide you with the best we can. It’s good to have your own. Tip – white tents provide better light.
  • Tarps or tent sides- good for blocking sun or rain.
  • Sandbag (helps support your piece in various positions and is good padding when packing your sculpture to take home)
  • A box fan will help keep bugs and dust down. Highly recommended!
  • Work light to hang from your tent. Especially good on cloudy days.
  • Bungee cords and large clips to organize and hang lights, cords, tarps and hoses.


  • Clothing – layers are a must at an altitude of 8,000 ft. Temperatures can vary widely throughout the day so bring warm and cool clothing. A sweatshirt, fleece, or something similar for warmth over a lightweight shirt that you can dress down to as it warms up. For carving, coveralls will help keep the dust off your clothing, and reduce your baggage. Rain gear; hats to keep the sun off;  steel toe work boots or hiking boots. We suggest a bathing suit for a break at Glenwood’s hot springs pools. 
  • Campers should bring a beanie hat and warm socks for cool nights.
  • Sunscreen and mosquito repellent.
  • Cash – Remember, this is a remote mountain community, so some places do not honor credit cards or checks. Ask your inn-keepers in advance. Our on-site tool vendors gladly accept credit cards.
  • Bubble wrap or blankets to protect your sculpture for transport home.